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Please note: Camping is reserved for large groups only.

The beautiful canopy of the campsite's vegetation gives a real forest feel to your rustic camping experience. The tent sites are just a short walk from their ablutions, as well as a large undercover shelter for eating or other activities.


You can either bring your own tent, or make use of one of our quality 4-6 person tents, which we can set up for you. If you would like, your tent site can also be supplied with electricity. 


We have the perfect area to accommodate a group of friends or family camping together. Up to 6 or 7 tents around a communal fire pit, with a kitchenette and ablutions alongside it. 


Important notes:


  • While there is ample parking available, only a few of our tent sites will fit vehicles/trailers next to the tent itself. Most sites require you to park nearby and walk (approx 50 metres) to your tent site. 

  • Fire is a major hazard, especially given the vegetation and the recent history of fires in the region. Thus campfires are restricted to designated 'Fire Pits' which you will be shown on arrival.


Shlichs fire.JPG
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