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Group Accommodation


Our site is primarily designed to accommodate group bookings. We offer a wide variety of accommodation options (listed below) to cater to groups of varying sizes, purposes and budgets. Many groups choose to book different sections of the site to accommodate a larger group in total, or to house different parts of the group in different places or at different levels of accommodation. 


For any bookings queries please contact

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2 circles of 8-sleeper cabins next to one another provide beautiful, quality and cost-effective accommodation for larger groups. One circle includes 8 cabins sleeping 64 people, and the other includes 12 cabins sleeping 96 people. 


These 20 all-weather wooden cabins are spread out near beach glades overlooking the sea. They share modern, recently renovated ablutions. The cabins are situated right next to one of the indoor dining halls, a kitchen and meal preparation room, a central grass field and a number of smaller sheltered activity/breakaway venues.


Groups can book out either one of the circles of cabins, or both of them, depending on your group size and requirements.

Wooden Cabins (20 Cabins, 160 Beds)
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These modern cabins are connected by shaded wooden walkways and surround a beautiful communal grass area. Each cabin has 2 single beds (linen included) and an en suite toilet and shower. The wooden walkway extends into a braai area on the deck and a covered piazza dining area.


A small self-catering kitchen, and the site conference room form part of this area, and all rooms have access to free wi-fi. 

Chalet en suite (20 Cabins, 40 Beds)
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These wooden cabins in an intimate, magical setting have between 2 and 6 beds each.


They share access to revamped, modern ablutions, and an outdoor kitchenette with a fridge, gas stove, basin, urn, and counter space for food preparation. The cabins sit adjacent a forest clearing and campfire circlea and encircle a grass clearing.



Forest Cabins (7 Cabins, 24 Beds)


Less than a hundred metres from the beach, these simple, comfortable cabins have between 3 and 6 beds per cabin. The cabins are just a short walk away from their recently renovated ablutions, and secluded enough from the other accommodation areas to provide privacy if so desired.



Beach Cabins (5 Cabins, 18 Guests)
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Four large sections for tented camping - each with sites for +- 20 tents - provide the perfect environment for accommodating large groups in a stunning natural setting. Groups can either bring their own tents, or use quality 4 - 6 man tents which we can provide and set up for you.


The tent sites are shaded under the canopy of the beautiful, dense site vegetation, and each section has its own set of ablutions. The tents are situated near a large sheltered eating/activity hall.


Groups can book out one or more of the sites, either alone or in conjunction with one or more of the cabin accomodation options.


Tented Camping (80 sites)
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